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Rec Tec 680

As I talk to more people about getting into smoking meat, questions come up regarding what are the products I like to use and have in my arsenal. So, below is a list of the various tools & products that I keep on hand and use while preparing, smoking and packaging the various food I cook.

Recteq Pellet Smoker
I’m currently using the RT-680 which is the older version of the RT-700. Although I have done some upgrades so it has similar features as the RT-700.

Weber Performer Charcoal Grill
I have an older version of this and the lighter went out but I like having the extra “counter” space and charcoal storage

I started with version 1 and recently upgraded to version 2 in December 2021

Competition Series Probes
The smaller tip is great for small cuts of meat (chicken thighs) and still work with large roasts

Probe Organizer
They just wrap around for easy storage

Lumberjack Pellets
I go through A LOT of pellets in a year so buying in bulk is a must and I also want quality, this delivers on both accounts

A-MAZE-N Pellet Tray
Generally using this for cold smoking bacon since it will last 11-12 hours

A-MAZE-N Oval Tube
When I went some extra smoke, this will tuck in the back of my smoker and stay lit better than the tray while cooking

Vacuum Sealer
The model I have (FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System) isn’t around anymore but there are plenty of good products to choose from

Vacuum Seal Bag Rolls
I never know what size bag I need and buying in bulk saves a bit of money

Bear Claws
I’ve used plastic ones before but the tips always melt

Bradley Smoker Racks
Not in stock often but I like these for the turned up edges to keep things from rolling off and large enough holes for lots of smoke to get through

Sous Vide Weights
Not just for sous vide, sometimes you need to weigh down meat that is marinating or curing (mmmm bacon)

Rubber Gloves
Great for cleaning up without getting hands dirty or for taking a little heat off when handling cooked meat

Welding Gloves
For when I need to move hot around things in the pit

Stiff Putty Knife
Works great to scrape off the buildup on the heat deflector

Metal Dust Pan
Scoop up all the stuff scraped out and also the extra ash that gets built up inside

Grill Floss (scraper for grill gates)
This works great to get around the entire grate rod

Foil Pan
I use these to prep food, cook food and store leftovers in to make cleanup simple and easy

Foil Pan Lids
I usually just cover with foil but these lids come in handy for transportation since they are a little sturdier and don’t rip when opening and closing like foil does

Food Container (small)
Mainly used when curing pork belly but works great for other cures and marinades

Food Container Lid (small)
Unfortunately, the lid is sold separately

Food Container (large)
Again, mainly used when curing pork belly but I can do 2 full bellies at a time instead of only a half

Food Container Lid (large)
Unfortunately, the lid is sold separately

Spice Container
I like to make larges batches of various rubs and want a container with large holes in the lid

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