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Lost in the jungle

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This is a little story that my 10 year old son Taylor wrote

I got lost from a tour through the jungle. It sucked. The jungle had all weird smells, sights, and sounds. Then I heard a low growl. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a huge golden lion with a mane like fire.

I bolted straight away from the lion as it chased me. I ran and ran through the maze-like jungle as my heart beated like a fly buzzing as if it had way too much sugar. The maze looked like a maze with no entrance that goes on eternally.

I screamed the word that I thought would be my last, “HELP!”I realized that it was a dream and I really screamed that word. My mom thundered up the stairs and into my bedroom. She complained, “What was that screaming for? “Nightmare?” I said embarrassed.