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At Chruch the last few weeks our Pastor has been talking about the Heroes of the Bible.  From Moses and Joseph to even Rahab (yes, Rahab the Harlot). This has got me thinking about a lot of different things. Who are the heroes in my life and what have they meant for me? Am I a hero in anyone else’s life? What does it take to be a real hero in someone’s life? If Rahab can be a hero, why can’t I?

When I hear the word “Hero” I immediately think of someone like Spiderman, someone with super powers out there fighting crime. Someone who performs heroic acts and is admired by everyone.

Looking over my past I have had many heroes in my life. They didn’t have super powers or fight crime but they are people who have been by my side to hold me up when I couldn’t stand on my own. Offering encouragement and believing in me when no one else did, not even me.

In my eyes, those people are true heroes. They continually performed heroic acts. They saved me from drowning in life.

My parents believed I could do anything that I set my heart to do. If I didn’t succeed, they were there by my side to pick me up and tell me everything was ok. They continually encouraged me and loved me no matter what.

Two of my youth pastor’s (Brian and Dusty) counseling me when my life of crime came crashing down on me. They both helped me see that God still loved me. They made sure that I turned my life around.

My high school teacher (Mr. J) who continually pushed me beyond my comfort zone. He spent countless hours coaching me and developing skills that I would later lean on in my professional life. Without his heroic efforts I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My close friends also become heroes in my life. They spoke truth in my life when no one else would. People today seem to sugar coat things so much, that it doesn’t do much good to the person receiving it. They didn’t do that. They helped shape who I am. In doing so, they became a hero in my life.

Thinking back about the impact all these people have had on my life gave me a new perspective on heroes. They showed me how important it is to have heroes in your life. They showed me what it takes to be a hero.

So, what does it take to be a hero? It takes is being available to the people in your life and letting go of any pride that might get in the way. Letting go of selfishness and start thinking about them rather than yourself.

Take a moment to think through the heroes in your life. Go tell them how they have been your hero and what they mean to you. Then go out and be a hero for someone else.


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