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Half Marathon

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Exactly 1 year after struggling through a 5k I made it through a half marathon! I ran the Eugene 5k race last year in 32:55 for a pace of 10:36 per mile. That was a pretty good pace considering I had just started running 2 months before that and could barely go a couple minutes without stopping when I had started running. One year later I was able to complete the half marathon in 2:18:23 for a pace of 10:34 per mile. I had beaten my 5k pace and ran over 4 times further!

What now? Run a full marathon? Hang up my running shoes? Not really sure. It took a lot of time to train for this. Some weeks I was running over 25 miles a week and it was hard to get that many miles done. For a marathon, that isn’t very much. It would be cool to have a marathon under my belt but the time commitment for training is a bit of a hurdle. For now though I am going to scale done the running and hit the weight room.

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