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Honey BBQ Double Smoked Bacon

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A couple months ago I went to a bacon festival and had chunks of bacon coated in bbq sauce. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to do some kind of dish similar to that. I finally made some twice smoked bbq bacon and it turned out amazing. As good as expected.

To start, you need to cure and smoke some bacon. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read that yet, head over there and get your pork belly cured. Once it is cured, come back here and finish off this recipe.

After getting the pork belly cured and then smoked, I cut it up into cubes about 1-2 inches. You don’t want them too small or they will dry out too much.

The night before smoking, I put them into a zip loc bag with some honey and brown sugar. Since the bacon was salty, I wanted to offset that with some sugar.

An hour before smoking, I put the pieces onto a wire rack and sprinkled with some more brown sugar. I let them sit on the counter while I got the smoker ready.

To make transporting food easier, I usually use wire racks and set them right on top of the racks already in my smoker. I bought a set of Bradley wire replacement racks and after bending the ends of them, they fit nicely in my smoker.

Once your smoker is ready, put the rack(s) into your smoker and let the bacon smoke for about 4 hours at 225°. This is where it becomes double smoked.

For this, I used my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker setup along with my A-Maze-N AMNPS. I filled up the A-Maze-N almost all the way and lit it from both ends to get 5 hours of smoke.

After 4 hours of smoking, take the bacon pieces off the racks and put into a foil pan with some bbq sauce. Be sure to stir it around so everything gets coated. Then, back into the smoker.

After 30 minutes, add some more sauce and give it another stir.

After 30 more minutes, you are done and ready to eat!


  • Cure your own bacon with a good cold smoke
  • Cube it in 1-2 inch chunks
  • Marinate with honey & brown sugar over night
  • Put on wire racks and smoke at 225° for 4 hours
  • Move to foil pan, add bbq sauce and smoke for 30 minutes
  • Add more bbq sauce and smoke for another 30 minutes
  • Eat!


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